AMain  Performance Hobbies has reached out to its industry partners to put together the first of its kind $ 650 1/8th racer promo for AMain RC Tracks local racers and practicers. This is buy on Friday assemble Friday night and show up Saturday and win your first 1/8th scale race. The kit is what every competitive racer dreams of in a onetime package offer. You get the below items all for $ 650 which normally retail for  around $1315. This limited time offer kit has to be picked up the AMain retail store. All you need is a second receiver for your existing radio and assembly and your ready to hit the track after assembly

.1/8th Electric Bundle Flyer: E Buggy Promo flyer

1/8th Nitro Bundle Flyer: Nitro Buggy Promo flyer

Items                                                                                                                   Retail Price

One year AMain RC Tracks access or extension of existing for one year.                  $ 300.00

Tekno EB/NB 48.3 or Associated RC8B3 Buggy Electric or Nitro                                $ 549.00






E Buggy Items                                                                                                      Retail Price

Flyer:  E Buggy Promo flyer

Protek 130T High Torque Servo                                                                                 $ 89.99

ECO Power 4100 Lipo Battery                                                                                   $ 61.99

Hobbywing 1900KV 1/8th Motor                                                                                $129.00

Hobbywing XR8 1/8th Speedo                                                                                  $ 159.99


Total including Year Pass and E Buggy                                                                 $ 1290.96

You get it at the retail Store for:                                                                               $ 650.00


Nitro Buggy items                                                                                                Retail Price

Flyer:Nitro Buggy Promo flyer

SH 1/8th Nitro Engine                                                                                               $ 179.99

SH 2060 1/8th Nitro Pipe                                                                                            $ 59.99

Protek 2300mah receiver battery                                                                                 $ 37.49

2) Protek 130T High Torque Servos                                                                           $ 179.98

Protek Starter Box                                                                                                       $ 77.99

Protek Igniter                                                                                                              $ 10.75

Strike Team Fuel                                                                                                        $ 11.99

Total including Year Pass and Nitro Buggy                                                            $ 1407.18

You get it at the retail Store for:                                                                               $ 650.00

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