2022 “Silver Dollar RC” Dirt Oval Rule Book
We are a privately run Race track operating at a privately owned facility. If we feel a racer and his/her actions are detrimental to our sport and racing community, we can and will refuse race entry and participation.
*** Final decisions regarding rules interpretation are solely at the discretion of the RaceDirector ***
Each racer will participate in two heat races. All first round heat racers will be randomly sorted, and all heat races will use a rolling start. Heat races will be resorted when needed and time allows between rounds based on the most laps in least time. The fastest racers from round one will be resorted together and will make up the “A-Heat” of round #2. After the resort, you will be sorted into a heat with racers who performed similar to your first round time if time allows for this.
All classes will run 40-50 lap mains events. The 6 racers depending on track size in each class with the fastest single round times will qualify straight into the A-Main. The next 6 will be in the B-Main, etc… Top 2 finishers in each lower main will bump up to the next higher main.
All main events will be lined up according to qualifying position. Lower main transfer drivers will start in the back 2 spots. If a racer cannot make the call for a Main Event, his/her position will be left open, and they will receive the last place points for the main event they were scheduled to race in. There will be no alternates, and we will start in missing man formation. The racer earned that spot, and will not lose it.
During practice there will be no driving from the back stretch or of putting cars on the track at that part of the track. Drivers should be on the driver stand during practice so that they can call out their car stuck on the track and to hear other drivers as well call out their car.
Turn marshal may not work in or repair cars. All cars must enter and exit the racing surface via the pit lane or designated on/off areas at all times. Nay cars damaged and placed in the infield will remain there until the race is over. All drivers must turn marshal the race immediately following their race. All cars will be made available for tech inspection before and after each race. Once a car has gone through tech before the race is must go directly to the track and not to the pit area. All cars must have a personal transponder, or it will not be scored.
8 cars maximum per heat race and Main Event. There will be no fewer than 2 rounds of heat races, unless poor weather or other uncontrollable circumstances arise.
In the event that laps may have been missed by the scoring system, please let the race director know IMMEDIATELY after the race in question. The race director, will investigate the situation. It is a judgement call for the race director, based on several factors, including but not limited to: if the system has been having issues or not, and if the race director witnessed the missed laps. If the race director does not witness missed laps first hand, the only other method to be awarded all appropriate laps is to have video evidence of the race to verify lap totals/timing. It is the racers responsibility to have transponders in perfect working order. The race director will do everything possible to ensure proper scoring in any event, but a non-scoring transponder is not the race director’s fault.
Silver Dollar RC rules are based on the DODC rules for 10th scale classes.  http://www.dirtoval.com/. There are a few minor additions to the rule books, and these additions are to help adapt the rules to our race program. If the rule book does not specifically say you can do something, either assume that you cannot, or ask an official for a clarification or legality of what you would like to do. Any attempt to cheat the rules or to do anything that is not within the “Spirit of the Rules” may be deemed illegal at any time. No silicone capped or rubber capped tires are legal for competition in any class.
Doping of tires will be permitted. All tires MUST be wiped clean prior to being set on the track. If your car leaves obvious tire marks on the track you may be DQ.
· All vehicles entered is a 2wd class must be rear wheel drive only.
· All cars must have a front bumper that is made of a shock absorbing material e.g. nylon, Delrin, plastic, etc.
· Front bumpers must be mounted in such a way that they will contact an object prior to any other portion of the car in a front impact. (for turn marshal safety)
· All cars must have 4 wheel independent suspension.
· All cars must have single speed transmission ONLY
· All Mod bodies, sprint car bodies and cages must resemble contemporary full cars racing in the “World of Outlaws” and “Dirt” sanctioned events.
· All corners of bodies and wings must be rounded or cut at a 45 degree for safety.
· All classes have a wheelbase of a minimum, maximum or both rule. (Check under vehicle class rules)
· Some classes will have motor and tires rule.
· 13.5/Mod Sprint Car: Minimum Weight 56 oz-1588 grams (race ready)
· Wingless Sprint Car: Minimum Weight 53oz-1530 grams (race ready)
· SC Modified: Minimum Weight 93oz-2637 grams (race ready)
· Spec Mod: Minimum Weight??
· Sprint Car (Nitro): Minimum Weight 60oz-1700 grams
· All cars must have a scale appearing roll cage, hood, side panels, nerf bars and bumpers.
· Minimum of a 4 post cage required that resembles a drivers cock pit.
· All electronics, radio gear, fuel tanks must be positioned inside the cage side frames. Three dimensional scale appearing exhaust headers are recommended, but not mandatory.
· Rear cage side panels may be used but may not extend more the .250” beyond rear cage frame.
· No Lexan or any other material may be mounted to nerf bars, bumpers, cage, wig or any other parts of the car that will trap, alter or direct air flow for the purpose of gaining an aerodynamic advantage.
· Wheelbase must be within 9.50” and 11.50”. Max width is 10.00”
· Must have appropriate opening on both sides of cage in driver compartment, forward portion of side panels can be no taller than highest point of the hood.
-Maximum length: 11.00”
-Maximum width of hood: 3.60”
-Maximum cage width at driver halo, down tubes, and top frame rail: 3.60”
-Minimum vertical gap form top of hood to front cage crossbar: .750”
-Wing minimum height at leading edge: 5.00” front bottom of chassis.
· Center sections and side panels must be made from at least 3 separate pieces of polycarbonate or carbon material. (NO ALUM side panels allowed)
· All corners and edges must be rounded or cut 45 degrees free from sharp edges.
· Main and Front wings must be mounted so that they are centered on cage, no offset wings.
· Wing center sections must have all 4 corners set a 90 degree angles, no canted or angled panels.
· Wings must also be mounted level from side to side
· Center section of wing may not extend beyond leading or trailing edge of die panels.
· Side panels must have braces that hold side panels rigid 90 degrees to center section during race conditions, two braces are required from top of the center foil to the left sideboard and two braces are permitted below the center foil to the right sideboard.
· Braces can be a maximum of .750” wide and front edge of the front brace must be no more than 1.5” back from the side panel leading edge. Side panels may have a front, back, top and bottom turnout of no more than .375” and included in max dimension. Flat foil center sections will be allowed .250” turndown at the leading edge.
· Wing size used will be 7×7. Driver numbers must be posted on each side of the side panels of the wing.
· Any ROAR APPROVED brushless motor (No KV equivalent motors allowed)
· Any ROAR APPROVED ESC may be used in any mode (Blinky or Open Timing)
· Any ROAR APPROVED 2 cell LiPo hard case battery max charge 8.44 Volts

· Tires will be for Gold Cup JConcepts Ellipses can be bought from anywhere example: https://www.amainhobbies.com/search?s=jconcepts+ellipse+2.2

· ROAR approved 13.5 turn sensored brushless motor
· Any ROAR APROVED ESC must be run in Blinky mode only
· Any ROAR APPROVED 2 cell LiPo hard case battery max charge 8.44 Volts
· Tires for club racing are JC Sprinters for Gold Cup thry are JConcepts Ellipses which can be bought from anywhere example: https://www.amainhobbies.com/search?s=jconcepts+ellipse+2.2
· Trinity Equalizer fixed timing 17.5 turn sensored brushless motor
· Any ROAR APROVED ESC must be run in Blinky mode only
· Any ROAR APPROVED 2 cell LiPo hard case battery max charge 8.44 Volts·
Tires for club racing are JC Sprinters for Gold Cup thry are JConcepts Ellipses which can be bought from anywhere example: https://www.amainhobbies.com/search?s=jconcepts+ellipse+2.2
10.5 Midwest Modified / Buggy Mod
· Any ROAR APPROVED 10.5 brushless motor (No KV equivalent motors allowed)
· Any ROAR APPROVED ESC must be run in blinky mode only
· Any ROAR APPROVED 2 cell LiPo hard case battery max charge 8.44 Volts

· Tires will be for Gold Cup JConcepts Ellipses can be bought from anywhere example: https://www.amainhobbies.com/search?s=jconcepts+ellipse+2.2

 Late Model
· Any ROAR APPROVED brushless motor (No KV equivalent motors allowed)
· Any ROAR APPROVED ESC may be used in any mode (Blinky or Open Timing)
· Any ROAR APPROVED 2 cell LiPo hard case battery max charge 8.44 Volts

· Tires will be for Gold Cup JConcepts Ellipses can be bought from anywhere example: https://www.amainhobbies.com/search?s=jconcepts+ellipse+2.2

MINI B Latemodel
· Brushless motor prefered
· Any ESC
· Any LiPo hard case battery max charge 8.44 Volts
· 1/16 Late Model Body fitting over tires completely. No open wheels
· Any 2wd Short Course truck based chassis
· Rear or Mid motor will be allowed
· Mandatory that all Batteries must run down the center line of the vechicle
· No off set chassis/batteries/suspension
· Wheel base 12.75” to 13.50”
· Width 11.00” to 11.75”
· Must look like USMTS, UMO, or IMCA dirt modified.
· Body must cover both rear wheels, but must expose the entire tire, No skirting/shielding of the rear tire
· Front wheels must remain completely open and visible.
· Max body dimensions: Width 13” Height 8”
· Max overall length of body including spoiler 26.50”.
· All bodies must have a number on the roof and on both drivers and passenger side door.
· Rear bumpers re required
· Front bumper is highly recommended. If no bumper is used, then the front nose must not be a sharp or pointy object and must be able to absorb contact.
· You are able to fabricate your own body if you’d like but let’s stay within the spirit of realistic
looking bodies without crazy aero.
· Front nose may have dams on L & R or any single side .400” high .250 kick in any angle .650” Max Height
· Top of nose attached to hood, a wicker bill may be .150” max allowed. (Any kick Angle)
· Read Deck spoiler may have a .25” maximum kick up or down allowed
· Rear spoiler allowed, not to exceeding 1.75” of the deck
· End caps allowed, may run center support brace
· End caps may be NO larger than 1.5” x 3” allowed.
· May use original manufacturer Short Course chassis or any designed chassis for this class will be allowed
· Electronics can be mounted on the left within the main chassis plate only. (not near laft edge of chassis)
· 4WD chassis allowed, must remove the front drive shaft & half shaft and battery must be in stock location.
· After market shocks & springs allowed
· Motor may be mid or rear motor only if original manufacturer designed it to be changed
· Any Rear toe allowed.
· Any ROAR approved 540 size motor 2 pole or 4 pole motor sensored or sensorless
· Any ROAR approved ESC can be used in any mode (Blinky or Open Timing)
· Any ROAR approve 2S LiPo battery in a manufactured hard case from the manufacturer.
· Any 2.2/3.0” SCT Style Wheels only
· Any insert manufacture allowed must be SCT insert only.
· OPEN tire rule-any manufacture allowed, must be a SCT tire /wheel/insert only.
· Inserts cannot be ground down, cut or altered in any way.
· Insets cannot be glued, taped, or attached directly to the rim.
· Grinding down, “GHOSTING” ECT of the tires is allowed.
· Cutting, narrowing, cutting inside webbing or sidewall or altering the carcass of the tire is not allowed.
· Gluing the sidewalls is not allowed.
· BOX STOCK Traxxas Slash chassis will be allowed to race. No LCG chassis allowed in Spec Class
· Must run the stock OEM electronics (only servo, receiver and radio can be upgraded to your liking)
· Traxxas XL-5 Speed Control
· Traxxas Titan 12 turn 550 Brushed Motor
· Any ROAR approved 2 cell, 7.4volt LiPo Battery. 5000 MAH max hard case
· Any battery with labels missing, unreadable or appear to have been tampered with
or altered will not be allowed.
· Stock slash body or Shark RC Stock Car ( Spec Slash) and/or Spec Body Custom Works Tornado body (Sport Mod)
· Must run the body as manufactured. No modification allowed
· Full rear bumpers must be left intact
· Front bumper is optional and recommended.
· Must have a number on the roof and on both the driver and passenger doors.
· TRAXXAS Genuine 2.2/3.0” SCT Style wheel only allowed
· Only TRAXXS stock compound tires may be used, and must be mounted on Genuine TRAXXAS Wheel with stock inserts.
· Kit RTR Tires and pre mounted and pre-mounts are suggested. S1 compound is not permitted.
· LEGAL TIRES ( NO S1 Tires allowed):
1. TRAXXAS 5878/5879/5877/6873 BF Goodrich Mud Terrian
2. TRAXXAS  5873x/5875x Traxxas SCT Tire
3. TRAXXAS 5880/5881/5882/6874 Kumbo Road Venture MT
· All cars must use the SPEC gear Ratio which is
1. 86 SPUR
2. 19 PINION
· Camber
· Front Toe
· Ride Height
· Shock Oil
· Shock Piston
· Shock Limiting
· Factory Shock Locations
· Battery Location front to rear
· All chassis’ must be raced is stock configuration, unless noted above. If it does not specifically say that you CAN do it, assume that you cannot.
· All components must remain stock EXCEPT the RPM parts for durability
· Legal RPM parts include Caster Blocks #80712, Steering Blocks #80372, and Rear Hubs #80382



2024 12t MUDboss CLASS rules

1 BODIES (SalvasMUDboss style body only.

1.1 – Any minor modification to the body must be approved before being allowed

1.2 – (*) It is allowed to ‘brace’ the rear traxxas body post mount for more rigidity (can use 2 extra screws only) and ‘brace’ the front portion of

body posts. Front brace can be mounted on chassis or directly bolted on front portion of innerpanel ( https://tinyurl.com/26hjcd2y )

1.3 – (*) The optional ‘NEXTGEN’ innerpanel is allowed and must be installed following the procedures posted on facebook/youtube

(https://tinyurl.com/3yjzashs )

1.3.1 – (*) The NEXTGEN innerpanel rear spoiler must be mounted flat on the rear portion of the body and have a max of ½ inch.


2.1 – TRAXXAS 2wd (SLASH or RAPTOR) chassis only

2.2 – Original MFG suspension parts only, no other parts allowed (such as from RPM)

2.3 – Original MFG chassis parts only, no aftermarket hop-ups, no optional aluminium parts

2.4 – Front bumper, right side bumper and front body post brace must be removed

2.4.1 – Left side and rear bumpers can also be removed (if desired) **rear RPM bumper is allowed**

2.5 – TRAXXAS front optional bumper (TRA2735) can be used (angled down)

2.6 – Major alterations to the chassis or modification to drivetrain/suspension components is not allowed

2.7 – Electronics (rx/esc/amb) must be installed within chassis surface (no outside installation)

2.8 – Battery brace can be trimmed to allow different LiPo battery wire configuration


3.1 – Servo must be under $110 usd.

3.3 – it is allowed to ‘pin’ the servo saver(white) or bell crank(black)…be advised the servo gears might get broken under a heavy crash

3.3.1 – original TRAXXAS plastic servo saver/bell crank only (white or black system) it is allowed to mix the components

(ie.. using black servo horn with white bell crank)

3.3.2 – It is allowed to use a solid (one piece) servo horn (any brand)

3.4 – (*) 2-cell 7.4v LiPo battery.  No maH limit do to some high lap races.

3.5-  Stock Traxxas xl5 esc, and Titan 12t motor.

3.6 – NEW Traxxas 2bls systems are approved.


4.1 – 86 spur with all transmission parts in place (slipper) , any brand pinion 19t.

4.2 – (*) Any original Traxxas Slash bearings can be replaced by any type of bearings

4.3 – No modifications can be made to the transmission’s case (ie.. to allow a bigger gear ratio)

4.4 – The only adjustments allowed to the car are those allowed by the original MFG components of the car

4.6 – You are allowed to use any original wheel spacer combination (Black, Grey or any combination of both types)

4.7 – Transmission functionality rule (motor can not spin while turning slowly one rear wheel a full turn)

4.8 – (*) Traxxas SLASH *STEEL* transmission gears only (no modification allowed) (internal plastic transmission gears not allowed)

4.9 – Adding weight (in any way) is not allowed, wheel balancing is allowed (sole purpose of balancing, not to add weight)



5.1 – TRAXXAS 2WD plastic shocks only (grey or black version) (front shocks in front, rears in rear)

5.2 – Original Rear (TRAXXAS 5858) and Front springs (TRAXXAS 5857) (no LCG kit springs or aftermarket springs)

5.3 – Front springs may be cut in order to shorten them (no more than 5 round removed on ONE end)

5.4 – The shock’s travel may be shortened with internal shims (ie..fuel tube or solid shims…)

5.5 – Original shafts in original cylinder (length and type in proper cylinder)

5.6 – Original pistons from kit only (original 1,2 or 3 hole), no modifications can be made to them

5.7 – No front bump stop suspension, a single original blue bump stop can be used per rear shock (not mandatory)

5.8 – No shimming allowed (to reduce slop in suspension parts)

5.9 – All suspension parts (such as A-Arms) must remain in original positions it was designed for (no swapping left to right)

5.9.1 – rear camber links must remain in original height position (upper hole on shock tower not allowed)



10.1 – TRAXXAS SLASH or RAPTOR original chassis only (no LCG)

10.2 – TRAXXAS SLASH stock rubber tire/wheel/inserts only, any wheel combination of those

(ie..4 fronts, 4 rears, 3 front 1 rear…) (part# TRA5863-64-71-73-75) *NO ”S1” compound*

10.3 – No tire traction additives, Only a soft cleaner can be used for the sole purpose of cleaning the tire (ie..Simple Green)

10.4 – Tire surface must show “thread Pattern” (no slick tires)

Big Block Mudboss
· BOX STOCK Traxxas Slash chassis will be allowed to race. LCG chassis allowed in Mudboss.
· Custom Works adjustable rear control arms allowed part #3270.
· RPM off set compensating front control arms allowed part #70552.
· Any RPM 2wd Traxxas slash replacement part is allowed.
· NO Aluminum, carbon fiber or graphite parts allowed other than shock caps.
· Front stock bumper, right side nerf bar/bumper and front body post brace must be removed.
· Left side nerf bar/bumpercan be removed if desired.
· Traxxas front optional bumper can be used angled down part #2735.
· Alterations to the chassis or modifications to the drivetrain/suspension components are not allowed.
· ESC Hobbywing just stock part # 30112000 or Traxxas XL-5 part # 3018R are allowed.
· Hobbywing locked timing part #30408010 or Traxxas 12t Titan part # 3785 are allowed.
· Any ROAR approved 2S lipo battery is allowed. No shortys allowed
· Servo any servo is allowed.
· Any Traxxas 2wd slash spur gear 78/61/86/90 may be used with all transmission parts in place including the slipper.
· No modifications can be made to the stock transmission case and internal gears. RPM transmission case is allowed.
· Transmission functionality rule. Motor cannot spin while turning wheel slowly one rear wheel a full turn.
· Traxxas 2wd shocks only (Grey or Black versions) shocks must stay in front if meant for front and rear if meant for rear.
· Only Traxxas original 2wd Slash front spring  #5857/P and rear spring 5858/P are allowed. No aftermarket springs allowed.
· Shock travel may be limited with internal spacers/shims
· Original pistins must be used with no modifications to piston holes
· No weight rule
· Spec Tire DE  G60 Tires or Duratrax Banditos
Street Stock
· Buggy based cars
· Rear motor car weight no less than 58 oz
· Mid motor car weight no less than 63 oz
· 5000 mah amp battery max shorty packs are ok.
· Any 17.5 locked timing motor is allowed as well as stock RTR motor kits
· Spec gear ratio must be above 6.20 to 1


DODC National Rules –  All Late Model, Dirt Modified, Mid-West Modified and Sprint Car bodies and cages must resemble contemporary full scale cars racing in “World of Outlaws” and “DIRT” sanctioned events. All corners of bodies and wings must be rounded for safety. All height measurements are from bottom of chassis unless otherwise noted. Molded portion of body can be no longer than 22”. An under body support may be added to brace each rear quarter panel, but must hold it in stock position, cannot be flared out. No additional wings, flaps, spoilers, wickers, vents or doohickeys will be allowed. Body may not be altered in any way from its stock configuration ie: shortened, lengthened, narrowed, flared fenders etc. Front and rear windows may be removed at trim lines but a flat Lexan or similar material deck must be added in cockpit area. Bodies with add on roofs may leave front and rear windows in or out but roofs must be mounted in stock position. All four wheel wells must be cut out to appropriate scale dimensions.
•Rear Spoiler: maximum chord from body deck including any wickerbills: 2.00″ for Foam/Street Rubber Tire 2.50″ for Buggy Tire
•Rear Spoiler End Cap: See Drawing
•Maximum rear deck height from bottom of chassis is 4.0″

Complete DODC rules pdf can be found here: DODC_rules_04-18_complete

DODC Modified Motor Rules Apply 
Any ESC is allowed in any mode. 
Tires must be JConcepts Ellipses for Gold Cup highly recommend Blue or Aqua can be bought from anywhere: https://www.amainhobbies.com/search?s=jconcepts+ellipse+2.2

2 Cell HARD CASE Lipos.

SR10 Spec Class

Shocks & Suspension

  • Must run stock shocks and springs
  • Changing shock oil in each of the shocks is allowed
  • Must run stock 12mm shock piston, 2-hole, Part No.91444
  • Limiters in the shocks are allowed
  • Pre-load and droop may be adjusted

Transmission Gearing & Differential

  • Spur gear must be 87T , Part No.9654 pinion gear must be no higher than 24T
  • Differential, when turning one back tire, opposite wheel must not turn in the same direction, holding off ground. Fluid may be adjusted.
  • No aftermarket upgrades to the drivetrain are allowed, MUST BE ALL Stock SR10 components
  • Must run stock slipper clutch assembly, no lockouts
  • Any size pinion gear is allowed

Electronics – Motors, ESC, Servo & Radio

  • Electronics must be mounted in stock OEM location
  • No AVC, GYRO or additional traction control devices allowed (Automatic DQ)
  • Motor 3300Kv Reedy from Team Associated is the only motor allowed
  • No motor Cooling Fan
  • ESC must be Reedy SC600-BL Brushless ESC
  • Steering Servo OEM Servos steering servo part no. 27110 and 27111
  • Radio – XP120 2.4 Radio & Receiver also you can use other radio and receiver if want to pair to your existing radio. Radio part number 29203 receiver 29256 or 29204


  • 7.4V / 2S LIPOs Maximum (8.44V), running over this voltage is automatic DQ no more than       6000mah allowed
  • Battery must be mounted down the center of the chassis or in OEM location

Body Style

  • Molded SR10 Monte Carlo body or approved bodies noted below are the only allowed bodies in SR10.
  • No additional wings, flaps, wickers, vents or air devices allowed (no added holes)
  • You may have a total of 1” spoiler including the molded spoiler
  • Spoiler may not be wider than the stock molded spoiler
  • Decking is not allowed, must have all windows and no cut outs of any window
  • Body must be cut to trim lines; No cutting out of the back above bottom of bumper, fender wells can be cut for tire clearance

· Approved Body list:

  •    SR10 Street Stock Body, Clear (paint/wrap as wanted) Part No. 784695711921
  •    SR10 Street Stock Body, Clear (Painted) Part No. 784695711938
  •    JCONCEPTS 1978 Camaro Street Stock Body – Part No. 0395
  •    JCONCEPTS 1987 Monte Carlo Street Stock Body – Part No. 0422L

Tires & Wheels

  • Rubber Tires & 1/10th Tires & Wheels Only
  • JCONCEPTS Sprinters are the only allowed aftermarket tire
  • You may run the stock SR10 rear and front tires
  • JCONCEPTS Rear Sprinters Part Numbers:
  • Part No. 3133 (Aqua)
  • Part No.3133-R2 (Medium Soft Long Wear)
  • Part No.3133-01 (Blue Soft Compound)
  • Part No.3133-02 (Green Super Soft Compound)
  • JCONCEPTS Front Sprinters Part Numbers:
  • Part no. 3134 (Aqua)
  • Part No.3134-R2 (Medium Soft Long Wear)
  • Part No.3134-01 (Blue Soft Compound)
  • Part No.3134-02 (Green Super Soft Compound)
  • SR10 Wheels Stock Wheels are allowed
  • Tire Sauce is allowed, tires must be dry when entering track

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