Chico has asked for more party options and A Main Hobbies has responded with a new fun filled day of RC racing for kids birthday parties and special group events. A Main is excited about hosting pizza or group parties for you for kids ages 10 and up. We can do parties up to 20 kids or adults or mix of both. You will bring the food like sandwiches, pizza, drinks, plates, utensils, napkins and cups needed for the party. We will provide the manpower to manage the party or group participants and get them 5 at a time running on the track. We will teach them the ins and the outs of the track and have a safety talk and show them how to drive the cars. Five at a time will be driving while 5 are corner marshaling and 5 are watching the racing while batteries are charging. We will provide all cars, equipment, scoring, results and videos on YouTube and running of the races for the party. We set it up so you get two qualifying heats of 5 minutes and one 6 minute main event each which we will announce and make exciting for the group driving on the track. We will have back up parts in case the cars break but this could lengthen the program due to the need to repair the broken car(s). Most repairs will only take 5 minutes. It just matters how many break each run which rarely they break.This has been a huge success for kids over 8 years old.  Your party participants will have smiles on their faces and get to have some fun racing with each other. A Must for Birthday parties and group events.

You will be able to find your results here by selecting the date your event was hosted and then hit view.

You will be able to find your youtube videos after the event in an email we will send to the party requester.

Check our Events and Race Calendar and book your party with us on any free date on the calendar. Some dates shown available might not be possible but please check with our staff and we can work out the details.

Inquire about your event from [email protected] or by calling and 1-530-720-8043

Kids must be over the age of 10 years old  in order to participate.

Fee: $ 10.00 a Person


Must sign a Liability release form

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