AMain Retail Store Thursday Night Micro FPV racing at the Retail store located at, 2065 Dr Martin Luther King Pkwy, Suite J01, Chico, CA. Come have fun with your New and Experienced FPV friends in the Chico area

AMain Hobbies Micro FPV Races are a great way to have a fun filled night of FPV racing with a group of all age, fun loving RC enthusiasts. Pilots and spectators of all ages and skill levels are welcome & encouraged to come out an experience FPV racing in a fun, low key environment.

Scheduled to be a Bi-Weekly event on Thursday evenings. All currently scheduled dates are subject to change, and will be verified here with a new MultiGP Race link before each event.

Sign up on MultiGP, Join the Chico FPV Racing Chapter and Join the next Amain Hobbies Micro FPV Race event. For New Pilot help, this video tutorial will walk you through setting up an account, joining the chapter, setting up an aircraft & joining a race.

For those Veteran Pilots and those who need to register go, the event link page is below. Find the most current event listed:

PLEASE be sure to click CHECK IN after you join to have your video frequency assigned to you. If you are assigned a frequency you cannot use on your copter or goggles, message James Leonard to have your frequency changed.

To stay up to date with promotions and race schedules feel to like, join our facebook group and invite all your fellow friends here:

We welcome you all to the fun filled nights of racing at Amain Hobbies. Here are a couple steps to take to ensure you are prepared and we have a great night of racing.

  1. Race fee of $5. Pay at check in on Race night. There will be a drawing before the Mains. The Pilot name drawn will decide which race will be the Money Race. Winner of that Race will win 50% of the Entry fee pot.
  2. Please Check In to get your Video Frequency. Make sure your Video channel/frequency is correctly set on your copter and goggles/monitor before you arrive. If you have been assigned a Frequency you cannot use on your copter or goggles, Email [email protected] to have it reassigned. If you need assistance setting your frequency arrive early.Frequencies we use are 5685, 5760, 5800, 5860
  3. Make sure all your gear is charged before you arrive. Power is available for charging on site, but we cannot delay races waiting for charges to finish.
  4. Listen to the Heat callouts during the races so you know when you are up to Spot and Race (when on deck you spot for your same video frequency).
  5. HAVE FUN! We are all here to have a great time. There are many people available and happily willing to help you with questions or issues that may arise. Just Ask for help!

5:45pm – Check In

6:00pm – Open Practice

6:30pm – Heat Races

7:45pm – Main Events

8:00pm – Finished and Done

CHECK IN: When you arrive, go to the Tech Center to have your Frequency checked and be given your Frequency Card. Your Frequency Card allows you to easily spot other racers on your video frequency, and coordinate open practice.

OPEN PRACTICE: Pilot organized practice session. You can fly if there is an open seat matching your frequency (please make sure everyone gets a chance to practice). Take off and land at the start line to insure good video for all pilots.

HEATS: 2:00 minute Heats. Fly as many laps as you can in 2:00. Finish the lap you are on after the clock expires!

TQ MAIN: Main Events seeded by Total Lap count. Main Event Races will be 2:30 in length. Video Frequency Change will likely be necessary for pilots. Know how to adjust your video transmitters!

CLEAN UP: Fold up tables, Chairs & Gates. Throw away all trash

AMainHobbies retail store started up a Micro FPV racing schedule every other thursday night back in 2017. Now on its second year it has seen various improvements from scoring software, recorded Youtube videos, Text overlay results on split screens and automatic uploads to results online like the below screen shot:

Headed up by AMain Hobbies track team and the Chico FPV Club your ensured a fun relaxing night of Micro FPV racing with all your races scored and recorded and uploaded for your viewing like in the video below:

Come on out and share the fun with your fellow FPV racers. We hope to see you all out. For any  questions feel free to call the retail store at 530-894-5056

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