Outback RC Raceway is an indoor off-road race track owned and operated by AMainhobbies.com, and is located around the back of the AMainhobbies.com warehouse in Chico, California. Outback is destined to become one of the premier indoor electric off-road racing facilities in the world!

Outback RC Raceway is a medium size indoor off-road dirt track that measures 92′ long by now 55′ deep with our recent track expansion and pit improvement, and our massive drivers’ stand measures 6′ 8″ tall from the floor. We have full wheel chair ramp access to the drivers stand, as well as a protrusion for disabled racers so they can properly view the race track, and the layouts are always built with those racers in mind. The layouts are designed to be fast and flowing with just the right amount of technicality, and always offer the opportunity for good side by side racing. Plus, the layouts are changed often to keep the racing fun and exciting!

Our track was built with some of the tackiest clay on the planet. Just about any tire works well, but a Y-bar or small pin type tire in a clay compound works best when the track is ran wet. When the track is dry, a slick / smoothie type tire is best if you’re trying to cut every bit of time off your laps. When the track is dry, it’s not uncommon for cars to pull wheelies on the straight on slicks, so grab a handful of trigger and hope your slipper is set right! We have incredible traction all day long, regardless of whether the track is wet or dry, which lends itself to the great racing you will encounter at Outback RC Raceway.

Our facility also includes a climate controlled pit area, with room for 53 plus racers to pit comfortably inside! We also have an overflow pit room that will fit an additional 32 racers. Pit tables with overhanging shelves, chairs and multiple electrical outlets are provided for racers to use while at the facility. For big events, we open up a section of our receiving department, allowing us to accommodate 150+ people! Below is a picture of one of our pit areas:


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