Check Maintenance Request Book in Office for requests
Check Email and Calendar mail.amainhobbies.com
Check all hoses and pipes for leaks
Empty Garbage Cans when needed
Make sure tools are organized and tool room is clean and organized
Pick Up chairs
Evaluate track and repair and fix pipes and nails.
Blow off track before watering
Water track when needed
Dust off and clean Pit tables
Clean pit rooms
Sweep Pit area SDRC on Monday
Clean the surrounding track area
Sweep all walkways
Track Maintenance
Clean bathrooms, toliets and make spotless
Do a safety check of entire site
Fix any safety issues
Clean Parking lot area
Blow and Water track if racers and yourself are present
Clean Windows
Clean Spider Webs
Clean Vending Machines
Report Deficient items to director of race events
Maintenance Jumps and Track repairs
Clean up water puddles
Clean Monitors on computers and clean computers
Mop pits if needed.
Coil up hoses
Clean Cameras of spider webs
Monday additional to daily responsibilities

Make sure supplies are in stock.Trash Bags, Solvents, Cleaners, soaps, TP, Toilet Gaskets
Update track records
Check to make sure all recordings and results made it up Friday night
Clean off results clip boards
Minor Track changes once a month – when needed or scheduled
Clean inside of trash cans
Create needed items list get to Manager: Example (Trash bags, Toilet liners, TP….etc)
Restock toilet items
Restock Cleaning items
Fix banners
Clean Sand Buckets
Blow Parking Lot
Verify if vending machines need stocking
Verify Printer has Toner and Paper set aside
Empty Sand Buckets

Tues and Friday additional to do daily responsibilities

Plug Transponders in.
Clean Server Room

Tues and Friday additional to do daily responsibilities

Check Banners
Make sure cones are out on both tracks
Fuel For Blowers, Get card from Manager if need to go to gas station
Make sure track is in ideal race condition
Make sure corner marshal cones are in correct location
Make sure lines are painted
Make sure nails are down and curbs are ideal for racing
Water Track
Blow Track
Check for hazards in pit area and on track. Think safety
Repair Slashes for Pizza Parties when party is that weekend
Charge Slash Batteries for Pizza parties when party is that weekend
Sound Check at Race track
Numbers on cars fully stocked at SDRC

Big Race prep

Hang backdrop
Race Schedule Preparation for racers by manager
Hang Banners- Get sponsors from Race director
Track Build
Pipe Track
Berm track
Put cones on track
Tractor work
Wheelbarrow work
light construction
Table setup
power setup
Chair setup
Sound Check
Set up power for overflow tables
Put out table reserved signs from RC Car Cal
Patch and Drag outdoor track if needed.
Put up fencing
Coordinate Track Store

Big race tear down

Tables Stored away
Chair Storage
Power Cord Storage
Fence Put Away
Call off equipment rentals

Monthly Duties

Change compressor oil if needed
Check Air compressor hoses and lines for leaks report to Manager if any
Straighten Track Closets
Hang and Remove banners
Pressure wash surfaces
Painting surfaces
Pull Weeds
General Building Maintenance tasks
Change Water container at SDRC
Organize tool rooms and Containers
Check Banners
Minor Track Changes

Wanted extra tasks:
Vehicle Testing for Videos
Videos for new products
Videos for tuning and maintenance
Traveling to support local tracks

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