2018 AMainHobbies Manufacturers Cup by Tekin

Manufacturers’ Cup “More Fun” Says Top Pros

Some great racing between Tessman, Cavalieri, Jelin and Maifield:

For race videos, please use the following links provided by Liverc.com:

Pro Nitro Buggy: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_event&id=280210

Pro Nitro Buggy Overall Points: 2018 AMain Man Cup Pro Nitro Buggy

Pro Nitro Truggy: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_event&id=280214

Pro Nitro Truggy Overall Points: 2018 AMain Man Cup Pro Nitro Truggy

Pro E Buggy: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_event&id=280212

Pro E Buggy Overall Points: 2018 AMain Man Cup Pro E Buggy

Open Division: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_event&id=280206

Open Overall results: 2018 AMain Man Cup Open Overall

Chico, CA. June 3, 2018—AMain Performance Hobbies hosted the Second annual Manufacturers’ Cup present by Tekin at the world-famous Silver Dollar RC Raceway. The race pitted the top pros against one another in four heads-up 14-minute races. Many of the elite drivers were in attendance including: Ryan Maifield, Ryan Cavalieri, Jared Tebo, Spencer Rivkin, Ty Tessmann,  CJ Jelin, Tanner Stees, Tommy Hinz, Phillip Atondo, Mason Eppley, Kyle Layton, Kyle Turner, Austin Blair, Derek Stephansen, jonathan Hernandez, and Carson Phipps

The pros results were combined with open class drivers using the same chassis to determine the overall manufacturer champion. “Moto style” starts were also a key element to the Manufacturers’ Cup. Racers would blast down the front straightaway to the first corner vying for the holeshot—surprisingly, most of the starts were clean thanks to a uniquely shaped starting grid. The decision to depart from a traditional IFMAR style race was made to provide more excitement for both the racers and spectators—It worked!

It’s always fun to watch the best racers compete heads up, and it’s even better when they battle multiple times a day.  In Pro Truggy, XRAYs Ty Tessman and Mugen’s Ryan Maifield put on some classic races that went wire-to-wire. In Pro Buggy, Maifield also mixed it up with Assocaited’s Ryan Cavalieri and Xray’s Ty Tessmann. The Pro Buggy class came down to the final race with Maifield and Tessman dicing it out for top honors.

For Pro Buggy, over the 4 rounds, Ryan Maifield took 4 race wins which would give him the overall victory. Ty Tessmann would take 2 round victories, but would finish 2nd in the final two rounds leaving him 2nd overall. Finally Jared Tebo would finish 3rd with consistent top 3 finishes over the two days. 

In Pro Truggy with 3 round wins Ty Tessmann wrapped up the overall victory. Ryan Cavalieri would take a round 4 win and 2 second place finishes to take 2nd overall, and Ryan Maifield would finish 2nd twice and 3rd once to take 3rd overall.

In Pro Ebuggy, Cavalieri would take 2 wins, with CJ Jelin and Spencer Rivkin taking 1 each. This would give Cavalieri the overall win with Rivkin 2nd and Jelin 3rd.

With a couple of overall wins and podiums Team Xray would take the Manufacturers Cup Team title.

In 40+ Buggy Richard Saxton would take the win, 40+ Ebuggy would see Randy Pike take the victory, 40+ truggy was won by Brian Curran, Open Buggy went to TJ Eller, and Open Truggy was won by Daniel Blalock. In Ebuggy and Etruggy, Zach Noia would take the win and finally in short course Chris Wilson was victorious.


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