2017 Tekin Silver Dollar RC Shootout

2017 Tekin Silver Dollar RC Shootout

Amain.com would like to first off thank all that attended this years 2017 Tekin Silver Dollar Rc Shootout race at Silver Dollar RC Raceway and making it a great success! This was the warmup race to the upcoming 2017 AMain Performance Hobbies Maunfacturers Cup on June 3-4: https://www.amaintracks.com/event/2017-manufacturers-world-cup/  We hope to see you out as top pros are already signed up and its shaping up to be a great event. Get signed up in advance and reserve a pit spot here: https://www.rccarevents.com/event.cfm?id=2664

This year AMain.com’s Kevin Jelich (KJ), Jerry Douglas and and track crew would overcome the odds of weather, lightning damage to PA and electrical systems, broken water pipes and deliver a great event and track for the racers. This AMain crew was determined to not let the worst winter on record ruin its opening race in what was still a winter weather pattern. The layout was fast, technical, had great flow and produced great racing. This would prove a hit to the attending racers and bring out some of the best racing to date and some exciting close battles and finishes.

Some of the race highlights would come in the addition of the corner marshal watering system which now in its third race is a hit too the racers. Every marshal spot would have a hose and after every heat the marshals would water their area. This would be a success as it kept the grip higher and tire wear was non existent. Lets just say after all the compliments the watering system is here to stay. Also new Livetime scoring tablets have been working well and gives racers touchscreen access to their results.

Saturday was an intense 2 rounds of IFMAR qualifying followed by main events.  A ideal watered track paved the way to a consistent qualifying day and main would fall in the evening when grip was the best and temps where cool. Main events where exciting and well raced with some of the most respectful racing to date. Each main was full length as planned on the main sheet and we where done and finished with the race and on our way home by 10pm.

Amain.com would like to thank everyone who attended and congratulate the TQs and top three on their achievements.

Final results can be found here:2017 Tekin Silver Dollar RC Shootout


Race recording of most every heat and main event can be found here along with results with active Liverc account: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/

Top three photos can be found below:

Open 2wd SCT:

1st – Greg Stephansen
2nd – Zac Ideker
3rd – Chris Yancey

TQ- Dustin Salsby

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822158

Stock 2wd Buggy:

1st – Todd Pearson
2nd –  Kyle Layton (TQ)
3rd –  Nate Hart

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=821684

Pro 4 SCT :

1st –  Jaon Moberly (TQ)
2nd –  Lou Figuera
3rd – Dustin Salsby

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=821685

1/10th Gas Truck:

1st – Austin Blair
2nd – Kyle Layton
3rd – Kendall Bennett

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822174

1/8th Expert Buggy:

1st – Mark Schroeder (TQ)
2nd – Steve Hood
3rd – Norbert Puzia

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822166

1/8th E Buggy

1st – Austin Blair
2nd – Chad Bradley
3rd – Phillip Atondo

TQ- CJ Jelin

Main event 1 results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822160

Main event 2 results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822161

1/8th 40 + Buggy:

1st – Jack Ingberg (TQ)
2nd – Brian Curran
3rd – Norbert Puzia

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822164

1/8th Pro Buggy:

1st – Ausin Blair (TQ)
2nd – CJ Jelin
3rd – Mason Eppley

Main event results and video: http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822168

1/8th Open Buggy:

1st – Joe Escano
2nd – Brent Curran (TQ)
3rd – Brad Juanarena

Main event results and video:http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822170

1/8th Open Truggy:

1st – Mason Eppley
2nd – Phillip Atondao (TQ)
3rd – Bryce Beaver

Main event results and video:http://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=822172

Thanks to all for coming out and making this a great event. See you all next year. Same time same place.


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