2019 Tekin Fall Brawl

Over the weekend of October 12th, 140 entries from all over Northern California, Nevada and Oregon and Washington converged on Silver Dollar RC Raceway Raceway, located in Chico, CA to battle in 14 different divisions at the 2019 Tekin Fall Brawl. Fall starts the migration of racers back to the tracks and racers trying to one up their resumes for the next year hence laying the path to 2019 Tekin Fall Brawl.

After one day of practice, 36 qualifying heats, 17 main events, 140 entries and 2 days of action on the track, the 2019 edition of the Fall Brawl is now in the books, and what a weekend of racing it was. Racers started to show up as early as 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning to get their first laps on the new carpet 1/10th, 1/10th Oval and 1/8th dirt layout. Practice and racing didnt end till Saturday 8pm. The layouts where fast, fun, racy and consisted of three separate tracks one carpet, one oval and one dirt offroad. The carpet layout was a hit with all the racers as while the 1/8th ran quals on the dirt track the carpet track was open all day for tuning. This ensured everyone got plenty of track time. The layout made for some of the best racing action we’ve seen at at the new redesigned Silver Dollar RC Raceway.

Friday would consist of a full day of practice from 10am to 9pm allowing racers to get really dialed in and to get back and get some sleep at a decent time before Saturday qualifiers and mains started. Friday would start with open practice at 10:00 a.m. when drivers would get their first opportunity on the carpet and dirt layouts. Drivers would spend the day hard at work figuring out the best lines and setups in hopes of making one of Saturday’s A finals. The carpet tracks was super fast and racey seeing 1/10th scale lap times in the low 21’s and 1/8th dirt track times  in the low 25’s.

Saturday morning came early with doors opening at 7 30 am. There were a few drivers still showing up for their first practice laps as everyone else was trying to get their last few laps before the start of qualifying. Race directors Shane Mouton and KJ at 10:00am would kick off 2 rounds of qualifying with great informative announcing allowing the racers to put down fair qualifying using the IFMAR live loop start process. Racers would work together in this format to put an effort at their one best runs out of two to seed them into their main events. Qualifying would go on all day till two rounds where complete and this would start the main events.

Main events started early mid Saturday afternoon and now the amazing race announcing of KJ would really be heard. KJ would observe most of the main events to ensure clean, exciting racing would take place . Racers for the most part would do an amazing job of policing themselves when incidents would happen and this made for some of the cleanest  races seen of the day at Silver Dollar RC raceway. Some exciting finishes and lots of last lap passes would go down keeping the spectators entertained all day. Mains would finish up early in the evening and the awards presentation would take place with photos of top threes in typical AMainhobbies fashion.

Your every main event PDF File can be downloaded here:2019 Tekin FAll Brawl FinalStandings

link: https://www.amaintracks.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019-Tekin-FAll-Brawl-FinalStandings.pdf

Your final overall standings can be downloaded here:2019 Tekin Fall Brawl RoundResult-Round3

link: https://www.amaintracks.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019-Tekin-Fall-Brawl-RoundResult-Round3.pdf

Photos and Videos


1:8 E Truggy top three:

1st: Ryan Rojas TQ)
2nd: Dustin Deppenmeier
3rd: Tyler Sutherland

Pro 4 Short Course top three:

1st:  Tom Shields
2nd: Matt hayes
3rd: Greg Philpott (TQ)

1:8 Rookie top three:

1st:  Ryder Rojas
2nd: Collin Beaver (TQ)

Rookie top three:

1st: River Gordon (TQ)
2nd: Jack Wynia
3rd: Ryder Rojas

Stock 2wd Buggy top three:

1st:  Brady Reed (TQ)
2nd: Tony Schaffner
3rd: Caleb Vue

Open 2wd Buggy top three:

1st: Kyle Layton
2nd: CJ Jelin (TQ)
3rd: Adam Sobolik

Pro Stock 2wd Buggy top three:

Main event video can be found here: https://youtu.be/OmdXbiBmnmw

1st: Ryan Brignani
2nd: Mike Gordon
3rd: Anthony Brignani

13.5 4wd Buggy top three:

1st:  Patric Zhoa (TQ)
2nd: Dustin Deppenmeier

Stock Stadium Truck top three:

1st: Austin Hansen
2nd:  Jovi Levin (TQ)
3rd: Rob Moots

1:8 Expert Nitro Buggy top three:

1st: Mason Eppley (TQ)
2nd: CJ Jelin
3rd: Bryce Beaver


1:8 Sportsman Nitro Buggy top three

1st: Chris Yancey
2nd: Kerry Lemos
3rd: Chee Vue

TQ Brent Curran

1:8 Expert E Buggy top three

1st:  Bryce Beaver (TQ)
2nd: Ryan Moore
3rd: Brian Curran

1:8 Sportsman E Buggy top three

1st: Chris Yancey (TQ)
2nd: Greg Philpott
3rd: Robert Yancey

1:8 Nitro Truggy top three

1st:  Brian Curran (TQ)
2nd: Stan Nickle
3rd: Jason Nickle

2wd Sprint top three

1st: Scott Whitlow
2nd: Kyle Layton (TQ)
3rd: Mike Gordon

2wd SC Mod top three

1st:  Wyatt Brown (TQ)
2nd: Mike Beachum
3rd: Ryan Wynea

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the race a success. Hope to see you all out soon.


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