2022 RC Gold Cup

Well this year’s 2022 RC Gold Cup by AMainHobbies is in the books. Id like to 1st thing thank everyone who came out and made it the race it was with a 126 entries. Also big thanks to Brian Crum for announcing the race. We had to deal with the 110 degree heat on Friday the wind on Saturday. We had a super consistent track all Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. All in all things went very well for the event.
Friday would start off with track opening at 12 PM and practice till about 8 PM at night. Track would be dialed starting around 2 PM and offer great practice and set up for the rest of the day Friday.
Saturday would start off with gates opening at 8 AM and racing to start at 10 AM right after a driver’s meeting. We would go through 3 rounds of qualifying with resort and be done with qualifying by 5:30 pm. The racers best 2 out of 3 runs would count based on qual points. Six racers would be making it directly into the A main with the rest having to have to bump from lower mains.
The track as always would provide great wheel to wheel racing and offers some exciting finishes and transfer opportunities for drivers to make it to the A finals. 8 drivers would then be set to do battle for the top 3 podium spots in each of the mains. One roll around lap then we go on the tone on the back straight away and boom racing would be happening. As usual we’d have some exciting racing, great passes and races to the line for the win.
Congrats to our winners on their wins. Congrats to Lane Winslett , Michael Sareeram , Tony Silva, Raymond Benkowski, Monty Whitesell , Ron E Bolles and Mark Silveira . Your race results can be found here https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_event&id=385859

Your every main event PDF File can be downloaded here: RoundResult-Round4

link: https://www.amaintracks.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/RoundResult-Round4-1.pdf

Your final overall standings can be downloaded here: FinalResults

link: https://www.amaintracks.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/FinalResults-1.pdf

The link to your race results and videos can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_event&id=385859

Photos , results and Videos

13.5 Sprint :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849533

1st: Mike Sareeram
2nd:  Shawn Nibbelink
3rd: John Taylor
(TQ) Rob Moots


2wd Buggy Late Model :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849525

1st: Raymond Benkowski (TQ)
2nd: David Sareeram
3rd:Jason Levy


Master Outlaw Sprint +45 :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849522

1st: Raymond Benkowski (TQ)
2nd: Todd Pearson
3rd: Tom Fielding

Midwest Mod/ Buggy Mod :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849532

1st: Ron Bolles (TQ)
2nd: Tony Silva
3rd: Joe Simmons

Outlaw Sprint :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849529

1st: Raymond Benkowski (TQ)
2nd: Chris Boyd
3rd: Todd Pearson


SC Modified :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849521

1st:  Monty Whitesell (TQ)
2nd:Lane Winslett
3rd:Troy Joaquin

Spec Slash :

Main event results and video can be found here: https://amainsdrc.liverc.com/results/?p=view_race_result&id=3849527

1st: Mark Silveria (TQ)
2nd: David Pios
3rd: Glen Ambacher


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