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AMain Performance Hobbies Tracks has a great lineup of events for your 2016 summer race season. The spring rains are past us and it’s time to head outdoors for 2016. The tracks department just upgraded the Silver Dollar RC Raceway watering system so the track’s surface is perfectly watered in less than one minute between every heat race. This will ensure far less tire and chassis wear, as well as loamy track conditions. 


The Silver Dollar R/C Raceway watering upgrade came just in time for our outdoor kickoff race, the N.C.S.O.S (Northern California Southern Oregon Series). AMain Performance Hobbies is proud to partner with Rattlesnake RC Raceway and Crown Raceway for the N.C.S.O.S. series. The one-day events gather the best talent from Northern California and Oregon and serves as a warm-up race for the 2016 SWorkz off-road challenge presented by JConcepts. 


Sportsman drivers will have an opportunity to compete for a factory sponsorship with their best combined finishes in Truggy and Buggy. 


When the mid-summer heat strikes, we head indoors for air-conditioning for the  2016 JConcepts Summer Nationals at Outback Raceway. If that’s not enough we’ll have additional races heading into the end of the summer and fall. 


 As you can see its going to be a great season for all you racers who can carve time out to make the trip to the tracks in Chico, CA. We look forward to seeing you in the months to come and thank you for all the support over years. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone and get all of the details any particular race, you can email [email protected] or call the tracks department at 510-282-2450. We hope to see you out for some racing.


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