JConcepts 2015 Pay It Forward Race

On Saturday, Dec 19th  140 entries arrived at the Amainhobbies.com Outback Raceway in Chico, California. The 2015 race would benefit the families of the Torres Shelter like it did in 2014. Racers would bring toys for their entry fees and show up with the giving spirit of the holidays and support this great cause. The race would donate over $2000 in toys and donations making sure the families of the Torres Shelter would have a great holiday. Amainhobbies.com and The Torres Shelter would like to personally thank all the racers for coming out and making the trip to support this cause. Once again thank you all for Paying it Forward at this years 2015 J Concepts Pay it Forward race.

It would be an early 7:00am start as racers arrived to get their first practice laps on the high bite Outback Raceway clay surface. The racing program masterfully ran by Brian Crum would start at 9:45 am and would consist of two rounds of IFMAR qualifying and main events with bump ups . The track would stay fairly consistent through each of the two rounds of  the 17 heats of qualifying. The track crew would blow the track off almost every heat and put a light sprinkle down between between heats to make sure track was as it was for the racers previous rounds.  This would prove good till the main events where slicks would work all the way thru half the mains till it switched over to treads.

Brian Crum would be on the Mic for the day doing an amazing job announcing and calling exciting race action. The racing action would be intense with lots of great bumper to bumper, nose to tail racing all day long with smiles everywhere due to the racing format used for this race to ensure fair qualifying into the main events.

After a full day of heat racing it would come down to the mains and the battles for the trophies. The winners in each class would be taking home nicely prepared plaques by Amainhobbies.com. After all the dust settled it would be the following top three drivers taking the podiums as shown below. Results can be found here: 2015 JConcepts Pay It Forward race results

TQ Dash for cash winner : Mason Eppley



1st: Dominic Gardner
2nd: Jordan Constant
3rd: Julian Diggs (TQ)


Open 2wd Shortcourse:

1st: Kyle Layton (TQ)
2nd: Drew Lorenzo
3rd: Terry Wickum


Stock 2wd Shortcourse:

1st: James Cantrell
2nd: Terry Wickum (TQ)
3rd: Mike Gordon


40+ Stock Buggy:

1st: Todd Pearson (TQ)
2nd: Rob Mootz
3rd: Dan Devey


Stock Stadium Truck:

1st: Allen Holder
2nd: Marshall Patten (TQ)
3rd: Jerry Douglas


Open Stadium Truck:

1st: Charlie Cavalier (TQ)
2nd: Jamee Gardner
3rd: Tom Leman


40+ Stock Stadium Truck:

1st: Tobias Diggs (TQ)
2nd: Christopher Bush
3rd: Tony Scripolliti


Pro Stock 2wd Buggy:

1st: Terry Wickum
2nd: Todd Pearson
3rd: Mason Eppley (TQ)


Open 2wd Buggy:

1st: Kyle Layton (TQ)
2nd: Jason Moberly
3rd: Brad Juanarena


Stock 2wd Buggy:

1st: Jeff Edwards
2nd: Jeff Fridrich
3rd:  Richard Hsia


Open 4wd Buggy:

1st:  Mason Eppley (TQ)
2nd: Kyle Layton
3rd: Drew Lorenzo





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